Ready for next-level badminton?

You want to improve your badminton game significantly? This course is designed to help you get to your next level in 5 steps!

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About This Product:

You want to win more, you want to get more confidence in yourself to truly enjoy playing or you want to be a professional player someday?

I have good news for you, I’ve struggled in my teen ages as well and i'm giving you the keys that help me reached as high as 19th in the world ranking.

Too many players and adults are giving up on their goals/dreams because they don’t know the path to get there. How many of you are currently thinking that it is too difficult to reach the next ranking in your region/country or in the world?

Can’t you relate? We’ve all struggled somehow to figure out what to do to get there. Uncertainty is a disease that makes your goals and dreams difficult to reach.

Too many players are frustrated and think it's too difficult or impossible to improve significantly.

Don’t you think it’s time for you to learn how to crush that belief once and for all?

You can reach that next level in 5 steps!

You’ll learn how to:

  • Fall in love and get confidence
  • Get your work mentality align with your goals using a simple routine
  • How to spend your time off court in order to help you achieve your goals
  • How to surround yourself with the right people using a simple method
  • Become unstoppable when you are stepping in the badminton court

This course includes :

- 4 modules and 5 sessions

- simple tools and methods that you just need to follow step by step

- A community of fellow badminton players to share your breakthrough, your wins, your loses, ask questions, and make friends around the world. Just go on Facebook and ask to join the group : "Ready for next-level badminton" once you purchase this course!

Module 1 // Introduction

Getting an overview of this course

Module 2 // Take action

You'r gonna learn how to do more than others with a simple routine and get confidence

Module 3 // be proactive on your project

Learn how to make strong decisions that will help you reach your goals / dreams

Module 4 // be unstoppable for matches

Find your killer instinct with a simple method that will make you embrace your fear and stress before every match

Who’s behind it?

I'm Brice Leverdez, 36 years old professional men single badminton player, I’m a 3 times Olympian, 9 times national champion. I have the biggest record of achievements for a French men single badminton player.

When I was a teenager, I wasn't the best in my generation and I have suffered massive defeats and heartbreaks, I learned with years of hardwork and luck how to improve my capacity to become a better player.

Over the years, I've seen many players giving up on their goals / dreams and I really hope I can make a difference in some players life and careers by helping them with this first course.

I still very much enjoy playing because of the challenge that badminton brings me everyday because the path to happiness is to progress and I still learn more each day.

It's been few years now that I love sharing my experience throughout coaching sessions or just casual conversations but I want to help more players learn quicker than me in order to achieve their goals and most importantly to not give up on their dreams !

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Take action!

2 secret tools to improve quickly and get confidence!

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Be proactive on your project !


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Be an actor, not a spectator !

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Be unstoppable for matches

Get rid of stress and fear and be ready to rock it on court

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Disclosure: your results in my course are dependent upon experience and will vary based on effort, education, work ethics and sometimes beyond our control. There are no guarantees of reaching the national team or Olympics or be a world class player. Your results may vary.

Brice Leverdez

Athlete, 3 times olympian, 9 times national champion in men single, badminton, currently top 40 in the world.Best ranked 19th. Love sharing my experience and helping others Based in Paris, Kuala Lumpur, Baliand Dubai. Animal and nature lover.

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Education : graduated from high school at 18 and stop education at 21 to focus on badminton.
- graduated badminton coach
- graduated physical coach
- self taught LNP or mental preparation.

Owner of 2 handsome cat brothers Looping and Lucky!
Diving and free diving addict
Moto GP fan and motorbike driver
Ski and snowboard enthusiast
Running junkie


Athlète, 3 fois olympien, 9 fois champion national en simple masculin, badminton, actuellement parmi les 40 meilleurs au monde.Meilleur classé 19e.
J'adore partager mon expérience et aider les autres
Basé à Paris et Kuala Lumpur.
Amoureux des animaux et de la nature.

Vainqueur de 14 tournois internationaux en simple messieurs, 2 en double messieurs.
1er joueur français en solitaire masculin à remporter une médaille européenne en 2018 à Huelva en Espagne.
19e, comme le meilleur classement mondial d'un seul joueur français de l'histoire.

Éducation : diplôme d'études secondaires à 18 ans et arrêt des études à 21 ans pour se concentrer sur le badminton.
- entraîneur de badminton diplômé
- préparateur physique diplômé
- PNL autodidacte ou préparation mentale.

Propriétaire de 2 beaux frères chats Looping et Lucky !
Adepte de la plongée sous-marine et de l'apnée
Fan de Moto GP et conducteur de 2 roues
Amateur de ski et de snowboard
Accro à la course à pied